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We Create & Build Sustainable, Long Term Facebook & Google Ad Campaigns For Businesses Spending At Least $1,000 a Month On Paid Advertising

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Our Paid Advertising
Team Doesn't Mess Around

We create customised Facebook, Google &

Youtube Ads that are focused on long term,

sustainable returns on investment (ROI).

Like the video you just saw above, we plant

ad campaigns that grow like trees.


Our approach is on developing cost

effective solutions for lead generation

and generating a sustainable return on investment.


Our team is adept at developing customised

strategies made just for your company.


Paid advertising help designed to reach your potential customers 

If you're looking to launch new ad campaigns or simply improve existing ones, our team can provide you with a tailored strategy that aims to achieve the best possible return on investment for your key performance indicators.

Our approach involves crafting compelling ads and conducting rigorous A/B testing to ensure that only high-performing ads are used.

Contact us today to learn how we can help your business achieve its advertising goals.

What Our Clients Say



Stuart really knows his stuff and has helped our business so much with our ads and targeted marketing. He is easy to work with and I highly recommend him.

-Amy Nilson, Owner Artstori
Niche- eCommerce 

We are thrilled with the bespoke marketing services that Macadam Marketing have provided for us. We needed a professional provider that truly understood Facebook etc (which isn't too hard), but that also had the ability to drill into what we do and how we do it so they could provide specialised marketing services which really work for us. Top marks to Stuart and his team for understanding our unique business and providing excellent services that have given us great results for our customers and clients. AAA+++
-Craig Warburton, Owner City Invest

Niche- Real Estate Investing

A true professional. Really helped us rank for important keywords in our industry, including getting us onto page one of search engines against companies that have budgets much bigger than ours. Highly recommended.
Laurel Kells, Owner Doughboats

Niche: Tourism

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