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Working from Home

About Paid Advertising Help

Paid Advertising Help (formerly Macadam Marketing) was founded in 2019 with a desire to help small and medium business build, grow and thrive online with digital marketing.

While initially offering multiple digital marketing services, such as copywriting, email workflows, Facebook Ads & even websites, we have since niched down to specialise in paid Facebook, Instagram, Google & Youtube Advertising. ​

Today, we are a dedicated team of four and currently manage over $100,000 of advertising spend every month. Collectively, our team has managed over $5 million in advertising spend.

We are proud to have helped clients in a number of different niches thrive.

These niches include...​

  1. E - Commerce for clothing, shoes & aloe vera

  2. Online courses and coaching

  3. Tradie service businesses

  4. Real estate

  5. Antiques

  6. Market research

  7. Cash for cars

  8. Aloe Vera

  9. Rafting

  10. Marathon holiday packages

  11. SAAS

  12. Health & Safety​

And so much more.

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