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about us - Paid Advertising Help

About Paid Advertising Help

We've heard the About Us page is one of the most visited pages on any website, so hello. Scroll down to learn a bit more about Paid Advertising Help and our founder, Stuart.

Stuart - Paid Advertising Help

Hi I'm Stuart, the founder of Paid Advertising Help.​Born in South Africa, I've lived most of my life in New Zealand, with a  2 1/2 years in the USA to break it up.​Before I harboured dreams of being a digital marketer, I initially wanted to be a commissioned officer in the New Zealand Navy in 2010. After failing at the first stage the previous year, I attended a military school, and this time, made it to the final stage, where I failed.


While it hurt a lot, it opened up the door for me to attend Massey University, where I graduated three years later with a Bachelor of Business Studies. ​


The most important thing university and military school taught me was that discipline, self-motivation and resilience are essential to living a fulfilled life. ​


I'm grateful I learned those lessons before 25, because that next 3 years would turn out of be very turbulent and unstable.


I was fired from my first proper full time job, and then let go months later from the next job after the company went bankrupt. 

Fortunately, I was then able to work at a terrific company for almost three years, before moving on to work at a social media marketing agency owned by one of the world's top Facebook advertisers at the time.


In that role, the time felt right to branch out and start my own business. So that is what I did and have been doing ever since. You'll have a chance to see some of the work we've done above and our welcome to visit our blog page to see some of the work we've done and video tutorials we make for people on my Youtube channel.

I am a big believer in Dr. Kevin Stone's saying "Most of what we know isn't true and if we're doing the same thing now that we did a year ago, we haven't learned anything."

Outside of work, I enjoy participating in endurance sports and activities. Some of the events which I've been lucky enough to tick off the list are the Tongariro Crossing twice and the Milford Track once. In addition to that, I'm the youngest ever winner of the Te Houtaewa 90 Mile Beach ultra-marathon. Below is a photo of me 100m from the finish line. 

Stuart 90 Mile Beach - Paid Advertising Help

About Paid Advertising Help

about us - Paid Advertising Help

Paid Advertising Help (formerly Macadam Marketing) was founded in 2019 with a desire to help small and medium business build, grow and thrive online with digital marketing.


While initially offering multiple digital marketing services, such as copywriting, email workflows, Facebook Ads & even websites, we have since niched down to specialise in paid Facebook, Instagram, Google & Youtube Advertising. 

Today, we are a dedicated team of four and currently manage over $100,000 of advertising spend every month. Collectively, our team has managed over $4 million in advertising spend. 

We are proud to have helped clients in a number of different niches thrive.

These niches include...

     1.     E - Commerce for clothing, shoes & aloe vera

     2.    Online courses and coaching

     3.     Tradie service businesses

     4.     Real estate

     5.     Antiques

     6.     Market research

     7.     Cash for cars

     8.     Aloe Vera

     9.     Rafting

     10.  Marathon holiday packages

     11.    SAAS


     12.    Health & Safety

And so much more.

If you need professional help with paid advertising on Facebook & Google, click on the below button to use the contact form on my home page.
If you want to book me as a speaker at your next event, please email me.

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