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Macadam Marketing Podcast | Landing Pages, Facebook Blue Tick Verification & Google Ads CTV

The Macadam Marketing Podcast is back with another exciting episode! In this edition, we cover a range of topics that are sure to pique the interest of marketers and business owners alike.

First up, we dive into the world of landing pages. As we all know, landing pages are a crucial part of any marketing campaign, but what makes a landing page truly effective? Tune in to hear our expert tips and tricks on how to create landing pages that convert.

Next, we discuss the coveted Facebook Blue Tick Verification. What is it, and how can you get it? Our hosts share their insights on the benefits of this verification and the steps you can take to obtain it.

Lastly, we take a deep dive into Google Ads CTV, exploring the world of Connected TV and the exciting opportunities it presents for advertisers.

This episode is packed with valuable insights and expert advice, making it a must-listen for anyone looking to up their marketing game. So, without further ado, click the video below to tune in and join the discussion!

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