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Case Study: MKM Originals

The Client

MKM Originals, better known as the Manawatu Knitting Mills are one of the premium outdoor wear clothing companies in New Zealand. All of their products are made onsite at their Palmertson North site. Their main market is farmers, hunters, tradies and people who enjoy the outdoors.

The Brief

The client had achieved a return on ad spend of 4 to 1, after 3 months of operating online. They mostly ran Google Ads, but did have some Facebook Ads too, mainly in the form of boosted and promoted posts.

Our Approach

  1. Introduce cold Facebook targeting ads for special offers.

  2. Create a full scale retargeting campaign, targeting all engagement on FB, IG & the website, as well as people who added an item to their cart.

  3. Create a new Google Adssearch campaign with a more structured, themed ad group approach.

  4. Setup a performance Max campaign after the initial learnings had been gathered.

  5. Run an email signup special for Black Friday special offers.

The client is spending far more than most businesses online, so whenever we saw an opportunity, we moved quickly to scale their campaign.

The Results

  1. Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) increased from 4 in July to 7.5 in October & November across all marketing areas, including paid advertising.

  2. During the busiest and most expensive time of the year for advertising, we managed to achieve a ROAS above 10 on Google Ads

3. Consistently achieved online sales above target earnings set by client, including 20% higher in September, 35% higher in November and 40% higher than expectations in December.

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