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Case Study: Suntrenz Skylights

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

About Suntrenz

Suntrenz Skylights are designed in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions to bring natural light into dark homes. It’s no secret the New Zealand sun is harsher than most, so we make sure to use materials that will withstand our harsh UV rays, while capturing maximum light. As you can see from the picture above, a Suntrenz Skylight makes a huge difference in someone's home.


I was approached by the client to take the existing Google Ads & Facebook Ads campaigns and improve them. In this time, we also introduced Youtube Ads to the marketing mix.

The end result has been nothing short of spectacular. We have generated so many leads, the client has had to aggressively hire new installers in order to keep up with the demand. Even after scaling the budget back somewhat, we have been able to consistently generate leads with predictability.


Cold Facebook Ads Campaign Post iOS 14, which generated 34 leads in two months at $40.18 per lead. Conversion rate on these leads turning into jobs was 89%

A test ad copy & creatives campaign which produced 24 leads in 2 months at $46.95 each. Conversion rate on those leads turning into jobs was 85%

A Google Ads campaign for the client's custom made skylight that produced 32 quote request form enquiries at just $22.30 per lead, almost 50% lower than the average cost of a Facebook lead. Conversion rate for these leads turning into jobs was 92%

A Local Targeting Google Ads Search Campaign that produced over 120 conversions at $26.13 per conversion. Almost all the keywords in this campaign were non-branded keywords.

What The Client Says

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